Sunday morning, Christian and I went downtown to support my college friend Lauren as she ran her first half marathon.  She was an absolute champ! She had a great attitude, the right gear, the right goal and she FINISHED A HALF MARATHON.  I’m totally in awe.

I was so inspired by her, I got the itch to run a half marathon myself.


I tend to get teary-eyed at races.  There’s something about seeing the runners perk up when folks on the sidelines cheer for them that just gets me every time.  Triumph of the human spirit, encouraging your fellow man and what not. I’m always a mess. It’s a good thing I had on sunglasses.  At this race, I definitely got teary-eyed but I also got jealous and inspired.

I’ve got two 5Ks under my belt now and another one coming up August 9. I’m ready for a new challenge! Our friend Nick suggested we join him in Milwaukee, September 20th for the Brewers Mini Marathon and 10K. Two months didn’t seem like quite enough time to more than quadruple my distance for the half marathon so I elected to sign up for the 10K. YIKES! (I still want to do a half one day, just waaaay down the road.  Like 13.1 miles down the road. Hardy har har.)

**Warning, Christian: you might not want to read anymore lest you become ill.**

Training starts tomorrow and I’m going to be pretty tough on myself.  When I signed up, I estimated that I would finish in 1:10.  I want to beat that time and finish in 1:05. This is going to be a team effort, y’all. I’m going to need all the help I can get – I don’t want to be the girl who loses her faculties and craps her pants. (You’re gonna wanna click that link. Don’t worry, there aren’t any shitty britches pictures.)

So, will you help me? Check in with me, ask me how training’s going, offer your tips and advice? My poop-less running pants depend on YOU!

tl;dr my amazing friend ran far, i’m going to run less far


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