Chinatown 5K Report

Christian and I (and Christian’s friend and co-worker Khalil) ran the Chinatown 5K this morning.  If ever I’ve wanted to not go for a 3.1 mile run, it was today. It was POURING.  Like soaked through your underwear, pants drooping, shirt stretched out past your knees, could’ve peed in my pants and it wouldn’t have made a difference POURING.  At least it wasn’t hot?


We went to Chinatown once on our third date but didn’t get to see much of the town itself since the restaurant we went to was on the outskirts. The race route was changed at the last minute so we didn’t get to see quite as much as I would’ve liked but it was still a lot of fun! All the shop owners stepped out onto their front steps to cheer us on.  They probably thought we were insane, running for fun in a torrential downpour.

Conditions couldn’t have been less perfect for me.  Squishy socks and shoes aren’t super comfortable but were a big part of my run this morning.  I like to listen to The Bugle and track my time with Map My Run or the Nike Plus app. I couldn’t do either this morning because there was no way I could protect my phone from the rain. I usually tuck it into a secret pocket in my favorite sports bra but every single piece of clothing and skin was soaked before the race even began. So, it was a long, cold, wet run. Thankfully, I never noticed the mile markers so I never got the chance to think, “Good Lord! Only one mile?! I feel like I’ve run at least 5.5!”

Before the race, I set two goals: run the whole thing without stopping and finish in 32 minutes. I didn’t accomplish either 😦 The rain was so bad that it was washing my contacts out of my eyes and I briefly stopped twice to fix them. I was the 409th person and 44th in my age group to cross the finish line at 33:20 with an average of 10:45 per mile.

After the race, we were treated to a lion dance, goodie bags and a raffle.  While we didn’t win the iPad Minis or even the gift certificate to Dave’s Mechanic Shop, we did get a tiny can of Thunder Muscle and some soy milk. And our shirts were pretty sweet, too.

Do men come any more handsome than this one?!

tl;dr did another 5K, got super wet


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