Tools of the Train

Workout clothes are difficult for me.  I want to feel comfortable in them and look good enough to not get discouraged and tearful when I see myself in the mirror at the gym. It took a little while but I finally found pieces that work for me.  I don’t have a closet like the one below but I have clothes I (most of the time) feel good in.

While it’s important to put a little money into your shoes and sports bras (at least if you plan to run and/or have boobs of any significance), you don’t have to spend a fortune on fitness wear. I joined my friend Gwen for a FlyWheel class once and was immediately taken back to my middle school days when all the other girls had this darling little matching t-shirt and shorts set from The Limited Too and I had an oversized beach cover-up t-shirt from the clearance rack at The Limited.  I settled onto my stationary bike in my Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ t-shirt (shout out to Lauren Waller!) and some pants from Target. I was, no joke, the only person in the room in something non-Lululemon.  I’ve since upgraded my wardrobe a little but that day, I stuck out like a plebeian thumb in a bourgeois exercise class.

While small, my current workout-drobe consists of:

This Bra

Knockout by Victoria’s Secret

Most pull-over-your-head sports bras smush and flatten without offering real support.  This bra looks and feels like a bra and minimizes jiggle and bounce. “Evonne, honey, I think you’re missing the whole point of having breasts.” Nobody wants to leave the gym with double black eyes from an unsupportive sports bra.

VS sports bra

These Shoes

Ghost6 by Brooks

I never gave running shoes much thought.  The only thing I really cared about was whether or not they looked coolish.  It made a HUGE difference switching to these.  I feel much sproingier and lighter and my feet don’t get fatigued.

brooks ghost 6


These Tops

GapFit Breathe V-neck T

I like these tops because they’re loose-fitting without losing all semblance of a shape, they come in flattering colors, the v-neck is flattering and they’re soft and breathable.

gap t

Training Tee from Victoria’s Secret

This is the shirt I wore in the 5K.  I like it because it’s thin and breathable.  If I’m running outside, it’s my go-to top because it doesn’t trap sweat.  If I’m in the gym, I usually wear a tank underneath because it’s kind of sheer.

Post Race

These Pants

Nike Dri-Fit Fitted Capris

I look for a couple of things in a pair of pants. Do they give me the illusion of a butt? Do they come up high enough to cover my waning Dunlop’s Disease? Do they form a diaper-y wedge in front? If any pair of pants can answer yes, yes and no, they’re winners.  Bonus: they stay up when I’m running. Nothing makes me want to give up and head home like a pair of pants slowly making their way south while I’m struggling to keep going. I might buy myself another pair or two while we’re on the subject.


These Socks

Women’s Sport Socks from Old Navy

Old Navy is a lot of things.  A treasure trove of workout gear, it is not… or so I thought.  A lot of their fitness section is kind of cute.  I can’t speak to how well their shorts, tops and leggings function but I can go on for hours about their socks.  I bought these socks because they were in the impulse bins by the register and now they might be my favorite piece of workout gear.  They don’t get eaten by my shoes, they breathe, they don’t get all stretched out and they’re cut just low enough to not look like mom socks and just high enough to stay put. Y’all, I am seriously excited about these socks.


What gem am I missing? Do you have a headband you love? Mine always slide off the back of my head.  Have a suggestion for an armband for your phone? Or the perfect headphones? What makes you feel like a total badass during your workout?


don’t workout naked, you’ll chafe


5 thoughts on “Tools of the Train

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I’ll have to try that top on. I’ve been looking for something sleeveless for summer runs. This could be just the thing!


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