In the Beginning

One year ago today, I was tipping the scales a few pounds shy of 220.  I was uncomfortable, self-conscious and fed up with feeling that way.  Christian, my boyfriend, while devastatingly handsome, wasn’t at a healthy weight either.  We’d both struggled with our weights for quite some time and five months of dating hadn’t done us any favors.  We’d eat out or order take out most nights of the week and the foods I did manage to cook were usually loaded with calories.  After a tearful conversation (that Christian just can’t stop the waterworks), we decided to do something about it. Together. And do something about it we did.

Before & After

I posted this photo on Instagram earlier today and received overwhelming and very kind feedback.  A few friends sent me messages asking what we did to lose weight. It seems simple to me now: we eat fewer calories, more fresh fruits and veggies, leaner meats and exercise regularly. But as I look back on where we started, I realized it wasn’t simple.  I needed guidance and it took a lot of trial and error and even more tears and whining to get comfortable with this healthy lifestyle. So, I thought I could start a blog about it. I’m by no means an expert and I certainly haven’t figured this all out. I still have a good 35-40 lbs to lose so maybe putting all these tools, recipes and ideas down on virtual paper will help me reach my goal as well.


was bigger, now smaller, started a blog


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning

    1. It really did! It was kind of a do or die test for us. As for the wedding… from your mouth to God’s ears 🙂


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